How Does a
Real Estate IRA Work?

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What is a Real Estate IRA?

You may have heard the term Self-Directed IRA or Real Estate IRA. These are all marketing terms! An IRA, is an IRA, is an IRA. And any IRA can legally hold alternative assets, like real estate, as long as the company who custodies your IRA will allow you to do so.

How Does a Real Estate IRA Work?

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Types of Property Your Real Estate IRA Can Own

  • Residential single-family and multi-family property
  • Commercial and industrial property
  • Foreclosures, short sales, distressed and bank-owned property
  • Improved or unimproved land
  • International properties of all types

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be the property manager for the properties held in my Real Estate IRA?


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Those activities include identifying your tenants and choosing the people who will be maintaining or making improvements to your investment property. As a Real Estate IRA account holder, you are considered a disqualified person, so you are not able to provide services to your IRA investment in the form of labor, sweat equity or management activities other than ministerial services.

Can my Real Estate IRA obtain a loan?


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IRA non-recourse lenders determine their underwriting criteria based on the asset that is being used to secure the loan (i.e. the property). Your credit worthiness is not a factor. You should also be aware that this is one instance where your IRA may be subject to tax. Because you borrowed someone else’s money to make money, Uncle Sam may want his “cut.” Please seek out the advice of a qualified CPA to determine if your IRA may be subject to the Unrelated Debt Financed Income (UDFI) tax.

Can I partner my Real Estate IRA funds with my spouse's IRA funds?


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Once the ownership percentages are established for the partnership, those exact percentages must be adhered to throughout the lifetime of the investment with your spouse.